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Elite Holistic Development Limited is a non-profit organization.

We care about the holistic development and well-being of children and adults with special needs.

We believe that CranioSacral Therapy and other modes of holistic therapy will benefit them and our mission is to foster collaboration among practitioners and organizations.

We provide:

  • Professional Seminars on CranioSacral Therapy and other therapies for health care practitioners and interested parties who are concerned about promotion of health and holistic care for persons with special needs;
  • Opportunities for children and persons with special needs to take part in activities for practicing their motor skills and psycho-social skills;
  • Comprehensive training for young adults with special needs in order to prepare them for occupational integration;
  • Services to at-risk groups of persons for holistic well-being

Mrs. Alice Tsang Lau Kit Ping

Mrs. Tsang is founder of EHD with the vision of bringing holistic development to children and adults through training, alternative therapies and activities. She is a registered Occupational Therapist and is one of the pioneers in Hong Kong. She was one of the few sent by HK Government to UK for training and started practicing Occupational Therapy since 1977. Alternative therapies then caught her attention and she added CranioSacral Therapy and related therapies to her repertoir since 2005. She has also brought training courses of these therapies to Hong Kong for the benefit of anyone who is interested in holistic health.

Rotary Care Bracelet is a service project by Rotary Clubs which was commenced on January 2011.

The goal is to bring to the awareness of everyone, including most importantly the police, banking industry, taxi and bus drivers, etc. So that when they see someone with this bracelet, who seems confused or even comatose, they will not just ignore it, but call their contact person for prompt action so as to alleviate anxiety of clients and family and minimise the need for unnecessary hospitalisation.

Our main target groups include persons with dementia, cardiac conditions, diabetic and mental handicapped, etc.

Referral by Occupational Therapists or related professions are required.

Online Application:   https://form.jotform.com/202162595676462

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Professional Seminars

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A light-touch, whole-body treatment technique developed by John E. Upledger, DO, OMM; works with the body's craniosacral system to support and nourish the central nervous system - improving overall health and well-being

A complementary method of hands-on bodywork; works with the natural and unique rhythms of the different body systems to pinpoint and address problem sources

Helps to alleviate the aches, pains and strains of life; improves coping mechanisms to allow for better management of stress; improves the body's ability to self-care; can produce profound, positive changes

Visceral Manipulation (VM) was developed by world-renowned French Osteopath and Physical Therapist Jean-Pierre Barral

Gentle manual therapy that assesses the structural relationships between the viscera (organs), and their fascial or ligamentous attachments to the various systems in the body

Assists functional and structural imbalances throughout the body including musculoskeletal, vascular, nervous, urogenital, respiratory, digestive, eliminatory, neuroendocrine and lymphatic dysfunction.

French Osteopath Alain Croibier collaborated with Jean-Pierre Barral to develop Neural Manipulation

Light-touch hands-on treatment that releases local nerve restrictions while at the same time examines the effect these local fixations have on the rest of the body, and by accessing this relationship, changes the more comprehensive (global) dysfunctional patterns.

Enhances proper functioning of the nervous system - one of the communication highways throughout the body.

Suzanne Scurlock, CMT, CST-D has developed a uniquely creative approach to energy, presence, grounding and integrative exercises taught beautifully in the Healing From the Core program.

Healing From the Core is a curriculum whose mission is to teach people from all walks of life the “how-to” skills for listening to their body’s innate wisdom. This enables each of us to move beyond survival and thrive in today’s fast-paced, complex world.

We provide room for hire, which can be used for  meetings, training sessions, lectures, seminars, conferences, etc. 

Charities can enjoy a 20% discount upon presentation of relevant proof.

Contact us for further information.

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  • 802, 8/F, So Hong Commercial Building, 41-47 Jervois Street, Hong Kong